We are pleased to announce the CLUSPOM-1 meeting dealing with metal atom cluster and polyoxometallates (POM) chemistries that will be organized in Rennes, France, June 29th - July 2nd 2016

CLUSPOM-1 is the merging of the International Workshop on Metal Atom Clusters (Rennes 2008, Rostock 2010, Benicassim 2012, and Novosibirsk 2014) and the Franco-Siberian Workshop on Metal Atom Clusters and POM Chemistries (Rennes 2013, Novosibirsk 2014).

CLUSPOM-1 is a satellite meeting of the 42nd Intenational Conference on Coordination Chemistry (ICCC2016) that will be held in Brest, France, July 3rd-8th 2016

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Aims & Scope

Topics will encompass fundamental research on metal atom clusters and POM - synthesis of new compounds, characterization of structures and properties, calculations,…- to the integration of clusters and POM in applicative materials, nanomaterials and devices.

Building bridges between metal atom cluster chemistry and POM chemistry should enable to create new fields of research to bring real breakthrough and innovations in molecular synthesis, self-assembly processes, surface assembly and immobilization into composite materials and integrated-molecular based systems for various applications. The long-term scientific challenge is the design of innovative applicative inorganic hybrids based-materials for different application fields like energy (storage and conversion), green chemistry and processes, health (both curative and diagnostic), depollution, eco-conception, low environmental impact chemicals, solar cells, biofuels, electronics, information technology, nanotechnologies.

Organizing committee

Stéphane Cordier, Yann Molard, Régis Gautier,
Karine Costuas, Christophe Lescop, Olivier Guillou,
Maria Amela-Cortes, Pierric Lemoine, Jean Yves Saillard,
Jean François Halet, Noée Dumait, Serge Paofai,

Nathalie Troalic, Véronique Mallegol-Legrand (secretaries)

Sébastien Floquet, Mohammed Haouas

International Advisory Board

Ramiro Arratia-Perez (Universidad Andres Bello / Santiago, Chile)

Pierre Braunstein (Institut Le Bel / Strasbourg, France)

Emmanuel Cadot (Institut Lavoisier Versailles / Versailles, France)

Lee Cronin (School of Chemistry, University of Glasgow / UK)

Vladimir Fedin (Nikolaev Institute Inorganic Chemistry / Novosibirsk, Russia)

Fabien Grasset (National Institute for Materials Science / Tsukuba, Japan)

Martin Köckerling (Universität Rostock / Rostock, Germany)

Rosa Llusar (Universitat Jaume I / Castellón de la Plana, Spain)

Hans Jürgen Meyer (Eberhard Karls Universität / Tübingen, Germany)

Nikolay Naumov (Nikolaev Institute Inorganic Chemistry / Novosibirsk, Russia)

Tatjana Parac-Vogt (KU Leuven / Leuven, Belgium)